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  • What is the cost of the plate?
  • Are there annual fees?
    Every year you will have the option to renew your plates and $28 will go to the WSWF to support college wrestling in the state of Washington.
  • Can I keep my plate if I lease or get a new car?
    Yes you can transfer your plate to a new vehicle.
  • Can the design be changed?
    The cost of changing the design is very expensive and the board doesn’t see this as a cost effective option that would benefit the mission of the WSWF.
  • Where is more information located? you can always email one of the board members as well (their contact information is on this site.
  • Which Program does my money go to?
    The mission of the WSWF is to grow college wrestling in Washington State and help to support the current programs in the state of Washington. The funds will go to programs that are in need of assistance. 100% of funds each year have been disbursed to all competing men's/women's college teams. Athletic department funded (varsity) programs receive a larger share than student activity (club) funded programs. Factors considered when disbursing to club teams are: roster size, # of outings on schedule, non-student coach vs. student coach, etc.
  • 2022 teams: Varsity programs:
    Big Bend CC men Big Bend CC women Grays Harbor men Grays Harbor women
  • Student Clubs:
    Central Washington Pacific Lutheran Washington Washington State (Varsity Club) Western Washington
  • I already have another plate, so I can’t get one. How can I help?
    You can always choose to donate money if you want to give to the foundation. Here is the link to donate
  • Where has the money gone?
    100% of past plate money has been disbursed to teams (none disbursed for 2020-21 Covid season) For the 2019-20 season, $6000 was disbursed to the following teams: Highline NJCAA 1000 GHC Men NCWA 1000 GHC Women NCWA/WCWA 1000 BBC Men NCWA 1000 BBC Women NCWA/WCWA 700 WSU NCWA 800 PLU NCWA 500
  • Where is the money going in the future?
    The distribution of funds can change. The board, in our 3/4/21 meeting agreed to not distribute all funds this year. The board agreed to carry an amount to help build a larger amount of money in savings for future bigger endeavors.
  • How much money is collected from the sale of license plates?
    For every plate sold we are given $28, currently we have 234 plates registered. If we sell more plates, the foundation will have much more money to assist in building and supporting current wrestling programs in the state of Washington. For example, 1000 plates would bring in $28,000 annually. 2000 plates would bring in $56,000. Over the next three years, if we double our plate sales yearly, the foundation could raise nearly $100,000 to help promote, grow and support wrestling in the state of Washington.
  • The state already charges too much for tabs, is there any other way I can support?
    You can donate at
  • I already bought my tabs this year, could I get a plate and it be prorated?
    Yes if you are within 6 months of purchasing your tabs it can be prorated ​
  • I want to see the board start an actual 4 year program, how are they supporting what I want?
    The board would like nothing more than to see four year programs started in the state of Washington. However, with only 234 plates sold the funds are simply not there to help start a program. If more plates were sold more funds would be available for larger endeavors. Jody Coleman recently sent a survey to around 30 college AD’s in the state of Washington. Only 5 responded, after several attempts to reach out to them. One question addressed “what would be the best way the WSWF could help a college to start a program”. All but one AD chose a recurring donation to support the program's expenses. The other AD that responded “help with the start-up expenses” (like a mat or warm-ups). If more plates were purchased the foundation would have more money accessible to help with these things. One of the AD’s from a Division 1 school explained in a follow up email that to fund a competitive D1 wrestling program it would take several hundred thousand dollars a year. He stated It would also take time to start a program, possibly 3 years or more. So, with our current sales of license plates, we are nowhere in the ballpark of starting a D1 program. However the AD said that things may change in the future and to stay in contact. Smaller schools may be a more viable option to start a varsity wrestling program in the state of Washington. A smaller D3 school responded to the survey, and they stated that they currently have a club wrestling team and that they would not be opposed to the idea of their club becoming a varsity program in 2-3 years. In conclusion, the board wants to reiterate that we are here to help promote and grow wrestling at the college level. With our current level of plate sales we are nowhere close to having the actual means to make a large annual donation that would perk the interest of a college AD. The board wants you to know that we want college wrestling to grow in the state of Washington. Until we sell more plates, we are very limited in what we can do to help. If we can get sales to 2,000 plates ($56,000 annually) we could have more impactful talks with colleges. The WSWF cannot do this alone, hopefully in the future we can work with others who are like minded. If we work together more things are possible.The WSWF would love to have your support as well as help support others who are trying to grow college wrestling in Washington State .
  • How can I help?
    The most obvious way to help is to buy a plate for everybody in your household. The second way would be to make a donation directly to the foundation. The WSWF is looking to create ways to help you get involved. Currently you can support us on social media. Share our Facebook and twitter posts and encourage wrestling enthusiasts, friends and family members to purchase a license plate. Feel free to send any questions to Jody Coleman at and I will forward them to the WSWF Board. If you are friends with college athletic directors a/o administrators, talk to them about adding wrestling and introduce them to us for an initial contact. If you know of any companies that would like to donate to the foundation please contact us so we can contact them.
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